Win $1000 Credit Card Game

Contest Dates

September 27 - October 29

It’s Baaaaccccck…The $1,000 Fly 98-5 Credit Card game!  Win a Grand of our local, 239 money! Guess the last 4 digits on our credit card and win YOUR thousand dollar stack!  Fly 98-5’s got thousands to give away!   Listen three times each weekday …starting at 8:10 in the morning during the Breakfast Club and again at 1:10 and 4:10 in the afternoon!  More money for Fly 98-5 listeners only!…because you gotta… live in the 239 to win/live here to win…The Fly 98-5 credit card game…keep your radio on Fly 98-5 to win a grand!!

Fly 98.5 Official Contest Rules